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Early documents show that people in Avesta has used the power from the water in the Dalälven river since the 14th century. The big iron factory supplied Sweden and Europe with quality iron for centuries, using energy from Dalälven. In 1929 the water power plats Storfors was built, expanded with a 4th turbine in 2007. 
From May 23 2015, not only electricity is extracted from the force of the water, but also music and interactive graphics. Downstream, below 3 of the 4 turbines, Håkan Lidbo and Per-Olov Jernberg has attached buoyes with motions sensors. The movement of the water is sent to a computer that generates real-time music and graphics. More movement downstream Storfors powerplant generates higher musical key and more intensely moving graphics.
The visitors can watch over Dalälven and the powerplant from the Avesta Art Exhibition Center and at the same time experience the digital interpretation in music and graphics. But anyone online can go to and enjoy the water making art. The music from Whitewater goes on and on and it changes with the mood of the river. Some days it’s rather still, some days the water is wild.

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