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Bib works as a guide at Malmo Science Museum, specifically at the exhibition Future of Transport. Her personality is designed in order to make visitors like her. She doesn't provide very relevant information and her moving abilities are limited to a line on the föoor that she follows around the exhibition. Bib's personality was developed with Swedish comedienne Anna Blomberg who found the voice and character of an older lady from Malmo. Not a particularly intelligent or knowledgeable lady, but a blunt and chatty one. When someone stands in her way, she politely asks them to move away. If they still block her path she gets angry and starts shouting. This way of communicating might not be very robot like, but it helps us explore how we are supposed to build our robots. Should they have a personality and if so, should that be a human personality or something else?

Programming by Johan Strömbom

Body construction by Isak Nordell

Design by Yuri Suzuki

Concept, voice and sound design by Hakan Lidbo

Project manager Malmo Museum Paula Sjoblom

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