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Stockholm Noise is a collaboration between music producer Håkan Lidbo and ethnologist Elin Franzén. In their first project a group of artists were given the challenge of turning Stockholm’s most disturbing environmental sounds into music. The purpose with this and the following projects by Stockholm Noise is to explore our attitudes to the city sounds – the experiences of sounds are highly individual and by listening to the city sounds as if they were music, new qualities can be discovered. The city may sound much better than we thought.

Stockholm Sound Map is an interactive web-based sound map where anyone can contribute with their own field recordings and stories about sound experiences from the city. Perhaps you have come across a strange sound on your way to the subway, or want to share the athmosphere at your favourite café. By serching the map you can discover other’s sound findings around the city. Stockholm Sound Map is not only a fun way to discover the city from a new angle, but also a long-term project which documents the city soundscape, an important complement to the extensive visual archival material on Stockholm. 

Play Stockholm. Can Stockholm be a city worth visiting because of its sounds? Just as other cities around the world attracts people with beautiful views or exotic smells, we believe that Stockholm could be promoted as a well-sounding city. In a web-based interactive media player different soundscapes in Stockholm are adjusted so that all of them can be played together. An interactive symphony of city sounds. The visitors ”play” the city and create their own Stockholm soundscape by mixing the different videos. Suddenly sounds that often are thought of as noise, or sounds that we rarely pay attention to, will be experienced in new ways. What sounds can we actually hear in our everyday lives? Are “bad sounds” really that bad?

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