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HACK is an interactive, 3-dimensional, self-generating sound- and video sculpture. It being exhibited at the Färgfabriken Art Venue August 25-September 24, 2011.

HACK is a roaring and flickering mountain made of hundreds of old speakers, record players, cassette decks, amplifiers, turntables, VHS-recorders and TVs, all collected from recycle bins and junkyards. The sound from HACK is made of the artefacts coming from old hi-fi equipment; noise, static, hiss and rumble. The visuals are built from the flickering images you get from demagnetized VHS tapes and from TVs with bad reception.

HACK invites the audience to interact with the sculpture, to manipulate the sounds, scratch the vinyl, record on the cassettes, to start, stop and change audio and video loops. Or to bring their own electronic music instrument and jam with the sculpture.

The project is an exploration (and a  celebration) of the sounds that come with analogue audio and video, the undesirable sounds that has become the artefacts that we nowadays appreciate with old analogue recordings. The sonic bi-products created by the shortcomings of the machines.

HACK is created only by stuff that has been thrown away. The media players that produced sonic waste has become waste themselves. HACK is a sonic museum with what once used to be the altars of our homes, sent to the junkyard by new, small digital media players. By recycling these beautiful, old machines, we become aware of our consumption habits -- and maybe get an insight how we can change into a more sustainable lifestyle.

HACK was created, sculptured and composed by Hakan Lidbo, Andreas Tilliander and Joel Dittrich.

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