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Client: Swedish Broadcasting Corporation / SVT 

Project: Ström Åt Folket / Power To The People

A film about all Swedish electronic music from the very beginning

Power To The People reveals the complete story of Swedish electronic music, starting in 1953 when the first all electronic music piece was composed, ending today when electronic dance music is the totally dominant genre and everyone is using a computer in some form to play, buy or create music.

As the first full-length documentary in the World, the film is edited in 125 bpm. All the music, all archive material, all interviews are timed in synch with each other so the film itself becomes a DJ mix.

Directed by Hakan Lidbo, assisted by Mats Almegard, Andreas Tilliander and Hanna Kihlander

Edited by Simon Carlgren, assisted by Iacopo Patierno and Johan Söderberg

Camera by Adam Nilsson

Archive by Jonas Goldman

Graphics by Hakan Ullberg

Image and graphic editing by Hakan Lidbo

Project manager at SVT Emelie Persson 

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