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The Corona Hat helps you keeping the distance to your fellow citizens during a pandemic. Especially useful in Sweden where there has been no total lock down, but the citizens themselves have had to be responsible for keeping social distance. The hat is built from a set of spare car parking sensors, battery pack from a robot vacuum cleaner and a busted globe. Whenever someone is 1,5 mer or closer, the hat beeps. The closer other citizens get, the faster it beeps. Total budget: €20. On the video: testing the hat in Farsta Centrum, a suburb outside Stockholm Sweden (no lock down). Photo and film by Simon Carlgren.

Buy a spare parking sensor kit (I found one for €20), find an old globe, peal of the map surface and split it in 2.


Drill holes in 4 directions, attach the sensors with hot glue and the microphone in the top hole. Spray paint in a some nice color. Connect rechargeable robot vacuum cleaner batteries. Done!

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