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How can we help passengers to overcome some of the uncomforted that can be experienced at an airport? Afraid of flying or to meet new people in Stockholm. The solution was to build the largest drum machine in the World.


Big Beat was built at Stockholm international Airport Arlanda. The buttons stretch over a 10 m wide and 3 m tall wall. The project is a place for social contacts. If you want to hold more buttons and create more complex rhythms, you have to find buddies to help you. It’s also some sort of choreographic machine. You have to explore new positions to hold more buttons. Finally Big beat is a game. Tones are hidden in the drum sounds. If you find 3 sounds you will go to the next level with new drum sounds. If you the 5th level you have won the game. Big Beat has also been installed at Stockholm Culture Center, FIESP Culture Center, Sao paulo Brazil, Avesta Art and Technopolis Science Center.

Concept and sound design by Hakan Lidbo

Electronics and programming by Magnus Frenning

Project manager at Arlanda Airport/Swedavia Gabriel Heijmer

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