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Experiencing music consists of many components; loudness, key, harmonies etc. But how about pain? What if a music instrument could be dangerous and painful?


Cactus is a Theremin synthesizer built on Arduino platform with one antenna controlling the pitch, one knob controlling the volume and another controlling modulation. The antenna is hidden between the 3 branches of the cactus which makes it very dangerous to play. When you get to close you get stung by the thorns of the cactus. The synth comes with a good supply of band aid.

The synth has a built-in loudspeakers but can also be connected through a mixer. Several people can play together to create their own food-based improvised composition.

Concept, design and carpenting by Håkan Lidbo & Max Björverud

Sound design and programming by Magnus Frenning

Film by Robin Stål

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