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Embarking an aircraft takes a long time. More than 20 min in average, but much depending on the type of aircraft. Even when embarking in sections. Free seating takes 15 min. With 120.000 flights/day worldwide, this means 50.000 hours lost every day. 17 million hours/year


We have an idea … What if embarking could go as fast ss disembarking?


In the waiting lounge all seats are arranged as a copy of the seats in the aircraft

But in reverse order. First to embark are the window seats in the last row. Then filling up in reversed order. Business and first class embark last.


Tis means that no one needs to stand in line, no passenger block any other passengers. There will be time to stow overhead baggage as everyone is arriving first to their row. This means less stress, better overview for the ground staff and at the aircraft. If means more comfort for the passengers and makes flying even more attractive.


When the passengers are seated, the ground staff scan their boarding pass. Light on the seats indicates when passengers are checked in. If someone wants to change seat, there is lots of time to do so, and without hussle.

For the ground staff it’s much easier to overview than a que in totally random order. There will be more time to take care of problems. It’s possible to handle distribution of passengers weight and eliminate the risk of un-even weight distribution. There will be more time to call for passengers arriving late.


We estimate that with this system, the embarking time can be reduced by up to 60%. Airlines and passengers saves10 million hours/year. How much is that worth?

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