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Client: Center For Life,Newcastle, UK

Project: Creativity Lab Exhibition 


The exhibition at Life science center adress the problem that young people increasingly believe that they are not creative. Many say, even at very young age, that they are not good at anything. In this exhibition everyone can be creative, without any previous skills or knowledge.


Drawing Blind consists of 2 opposite touch screens. When one visitor draw on a screen, the result is shown at the opposite screen. There are three buttons. One to change the size of the "brush", one to change the color and one to merge the images of the 2 screens. Drawing Blind is created by Max Björverud and Hakan Lidbo, built by Science Projects London. 

Ima Synth is a synthesizer built in Pure Data where the sounds are visualised in real time abstract animations on 4 circular screens. The musical instrument evolves and expands it's sonic possibilities the more the visitors play. By giving the sound a visual form and by inviting the visitors to explore the instrument from simple to increasingly intricate sounds, everyone can create complex electronic music. Ima Synth is created and programmed by Servando Barreiro, project management by Håkan Lidbo, built by Science Projects UK.

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