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InvisiBall is a new game concept for two persons. It’s a game played in a dark room, on a court with loudspeakers in the 4 corners, blindfolded or by blind people. The ball is represented by a tone, mimicking earthly gravity. If the racket, that plays a tone depending on it's position in height, hit the ball at the right pitch, depth and left/right-orientation, it will fly back to the other player. The referee is a musical robot voice that also keep track of the score - and the whole game is built around music that change with the score between the players. With some training the players can serve, return, smash or lob the "ball" - and even bounce it on the ground. As the ball is invisible the game has a 3d visual interface for the audience. The game serves a training tool for those who have to adapt to a life without eye sight, due to illness or accident - and for us who can see, better understanding the challenges and possibilities of training our hearing sense.

InvisiBall is invented, composed and designed by Håkan Lidbo, developed and programmed by Magnus Frenning and Jonatan Liljedahl - in collaboration with young blind swedes. Supported by PTS Innovation Prize.

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