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Tightrope is an animation for the FIESP Culture Center i Sao Paulo, Brazil as part of the 2016 File New Media Festival. It's a composition with silent music where the animated lines represent tones in different frequencies. FIESP stands 98 m tall and is covered with 1000s of LED lights.

Vexillology was commissioned by NAVA Nordic Audiovisual Artists/the Tiny Massive festival at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland 2019. The animation is a deconstruction of the flags in the Nordic countries, then merging into flags from nations world-wide - all synchronised with music.

Playthehouse was an interactive game using many, many connected Philips Hue smart  light bulbs, transforming a big building into an online computer game. A great number of Hue lights were arranged in the windows so that each one of them represents a pixel in the game. The whole building becomes a real-time interface via a camera stream from a nearby building. 

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