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Client: Deutche Telekom

Project: Interactive entrance at Head Office


The Interactive Floor is a collaborative music instrument and a social meeting place. 36 sensors under a carpet, connected to a music computer mounted under the floor and loudspeakers mounted in the ceiling.
The patterns printed on the carpet inspire people to explore different combinations. There are 6 groups with different instruments, 6 zones in each group. By standing or dancing on different combinations of the 6 zones, 64 different loops can be triggered. Total 384 loops, all synchronized so that they all sound good in every possible combination. If no-one stands on any zone for more than 2 seconds, the loops in each group is randomly re-arranged. The whole floor can produce possible combinations.. The first Interactive Floor was installed at Deutsche Telekom’s head office in Bonn, Germany. The entrance to the offices was re-made with fall decorations and a graffiti panting, complemented by the Interactive Floor. Metadesign in Düsseldorf provided the design. 

The interactive floor was developed and built by Hakan Lidbo and Max Bjorverud.

Sounds and project management by Hakan Lidbo

Programming and electronics by Max Bjorverud

Carpet design by Metadesign

Management Telekom Dirk Eerdingloh 

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