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Client: The Nobel Museum, Stockholm / City Walk Exhibition Hall, Dubai

Project: Composition and sonification of chemistry


In this exhibition, all interactive installations have interaction sounds that are composed in order to sound good together regardless how the visitors interact. The sounds become like different instrument in an orchestra - and the result is an exhibition that is more harmonic, peaceful and quiet than if it would have been quiet. Different chemical reactions and processes are sonified in order to make them more interesting and to give the visitors, not only information, but an inspirational and emotional experience. The 118 basic elements of the periodic table all have different musical sounds composed so they reflect the properties of each element. You can hear the number of electrons the elements have in each shell and how many valence electrons, which indicates how stabile or reactive it is. 

The project raise questions about the role of the museum. Should an exhibition primarily present information or is inspiration equally important? Can science be presented with an additional layer that awakes the visitor's emotions and awe over natural phenomenas? 

Exhibition by The Nobel Museum, Transpond, Yoke

Music and sound design by Hakan Lidbo

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