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Alterplex is strategic board game with 6 pieces each and a 6x6 square board. The board is a screen with the polarisation film removed. But inside the frame of each piece is polarisation film so the can only see the squares of the board through their pieces. All other squares are invisible. Animations in 4 different directions on the board tells how the players may move.


Both players make their moves at the same time. Every 10 second the animation/direction of each square change, following a regular pattern.


Alterplex is driven by music so each round of 10 seconds has a unique character and each minute has a certain musical key. So the players follow the movement and cycles of the music in order to play strategic. The last second of each round, all colors dissapear from the squares and then the players have to move (or they can chose not to move). Animations/moving directions and music follow 6 second patterns as well as a longer 60 second pattern.  


All animations follow a pattern so an experienced player can plan what square to move to and how to move from there, as well as forseeing how the opponent might move, or can not move. The players ability to see this pattern and predict the possible futures of the game determine their skill.


People with autism or Asbergers will have an advantage in this game and people with these extended abilities have been consulted during the development.


The game soon becomes very complicated and rewards the ability, not only to see pattern and possibilities, but to see pattern in a dynamic future where the properties of the board and the pieces constantly change. Alterplex is a tools or a toy for the future human. Not for who we are but for who we might be.


The game is also a training tool to impove your ability to see the future as a multi-dimensional, dynamic network of possible connections, of possible futures - not as a linear extrapolation from the past and present.

Concept, design and music by Hakan Lidbo. Woodwork and paint by Farzaneh Farkish and Per Magnusson. 3D pint by Mikael Sjösten.

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