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Client: E-ON

Project: Sustainable energy as arcade games


E-ON wanted to make sustainable energy into something fun and engaging for events and exhibitions. We created 3 arcade games, one with solar power, one with wind power and and with water power. By shining with a strong light on the solar panels, the players can give energy to the residential house. Small LED-lights indicate which one of 3 solar panels that needs to be powered up, changing with an increasing rate. When reaching a certain level, indicated by LED-strips on the edges of the installation, the house lights up, the TV's and radios power up inside the house. High score is displayed on a screen at the top of the installation. By shooting bursts of wind on the wind turbines, the farmer can get electricity to her farm. By spraying water into lakes on the mountain, it flows down the rivers to 3 power plants. The energy powers up the alp hut and the resident can start to party.

By making sustainable energy gasified, understandable, tactile and fun, the visitors becomes curious and the knowledge stays with them, compared with a traditional exhibition.

By Ebrahim Isaacs, Max  Bjorverud and Håkan Lidbo

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