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GoSmart is a system for traffic control in rush hour. By combining todays GPS-equipped smartphones with deduction of  car tolls, it’s possible to change the traffic flow for the benefit of all drivers, for the over all traffic flow –  and to keep emissions down. GoPal is a car pool system with incentives where commuters that pick up other drivers get deduction of their car toll fee. The ones that get picked up also get a deduction.
The biggest problems in today’s big cities are traffic, congestion, emissions and noise. Increased traffic means higher greenhouse gas emissions, degraded local and regional ecosystems, wasted time and higher fuel consumption. In other words, it’s bad business. Many cities now charge car tolls, but the number of cars is still increasing. Drivers always choose the routes they think are the fastest for them. Not necessarily the best for ALL cars. Nor are they thinking about keeping emissions down. Can you imagine a future where every car knows where all the other cars are heading? Maybe you’re thinking, we don’t have those cars yet – Intelligent cars are far in the future. Cars that can choose to drive where it’s best for the overall traffic flow. And the environment. Or could this be done today? With technology we already have? It can. With a technology called GoSmart. And it’s based on today’s smart phones. When you start your commute – somewhere in the suburbs, perhaps – you just mark your destination in the city. GoSmart will suggest a route – not necessarily the closest one, but one that benefits the overall traffic flow, and holds emissions down. If drivers follow these suggested routes, their car tolls are reduced. In short: traffic will flow remarkably better, with less pollution, less noise and happier drivers. All at very little cost to the city. The only investment is the mobile app, plus a system for updating traffic information – a system most cities already have. GoSmart also includes another feature – GoPal. Many cities try to persuade drivers to hook up with their neighbours to make local carpools. But most people still drive alone. Anyone in the Go Pal system might choose to leave their car at home one day. Other drivers passing through the area can see their locations and offer a ride. No money is exchanged. But both car owners are rewarded with a further reduction of their traffic tolls. And drivers and passengers who are registered in the system rate each other, to make the system safe.

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