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When we talk about the smart cities of the future, we often refer to collecting data and syncing with apps and geo position. But can the very buildings and street themselves be smart? Can they interact with us, help us and give us comfort. Can they even be intelligent and learn from us?


The singing tunnels is a system that nrecognize when someone sing a note. Then the tunnel sings back the same note but with the voice of a beautiful choir. The tunnel becomes a playful, comforting and musical companion. The singing tunnels are also self-learning. They remember all tones that everyone have sung. And sometimes they burst out in a melody, created by all the most common notes. So each tunnel develops it’s own musical dialect, depending on the collective musicality of the local citizens. Stockholm is the first city to include the singing tunnels as a part of the urban planning. During 2016 and 2017, a number of units have been operational in the city and suburbs. Surveys show that people really like these tunnels. And so does the press. The previously hated and nameless tunnels now have a new identity. Now, we offer cities all over the world to take part of this unique idea, an easy and very cost effective way of transforming the most hated urban spaces into beloved, creative meeting points. To start the transformation of our cities with intelligence and music. Singing tunnels is the winner of skapa innovation award, stockholm, nominated for stockholm innovation award, brewhouse innovation award and sweden’s art and business award.

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