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Client: European Indoor Athlete Championship 2013 in Goteborg.

Project: Specially composed music that guide the audience in the arena by expressing each disciplin.

Athletics as an arena sport comes with a series of challenges. Several disciplines happen at the same time and the time schedule is very flexible. The ideas was to compose the music that announce events at the arena in synch with the physical movement and tempo of each discipline. Then the audience would unconscioiusly know where to focus their attention. The music was divided in small fragments to follow the athletes performances like a soundtrack. For example 60 m: One sound when entering the track, one for taking position, one for count down, one for start gun, one for the race, and then multiple choices for hitting the goal; winner, new personal record, national record, European record or world record, plus victory lap. 

Project management by Janne Åkerblom and Erik Winerö.

As an experiment, when Swedish long-jump star Michel Torneus has failed his first 2 attempts, a specially composed personal piece of music was played in the big speakers in the arena; Torneus favourite hip-hop beat, but with arranged in an increasing tempo, synchronised with his running style and with added energetic sounds. The result was a new Swedish record! Musical doping is a field that yet hasn't been explored (except by Hakan Lidbo and Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson, in a limited study) but might hold an incredible potential.

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