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BeatBar is an interactive bar with built-in electronics and a sound system. The guests create the music with the drinks by moving, twisting and re-arranging the glasses on the bar. The guests mix, arrange and create the music together. They control one element of the music each; drums, percussion, bass, melodies etc. Each drink reflects it’s designated music; a sparkly champagne play a sparkly synth – a full-bodied Guinness play a full-bodied bassline.

It’s the ultimate party machine for anyone who is looking for a new club experience. Meeting, drinking and enjoying good music has always been a successful combination – but with BeatBar, drinking is also very creative.

In this example, the drinks match the sounds of the music in a catchy latin pop song.

1. Braft beer – Bass
2. Gin & Tonic – Percussion
3. Campari – Shakers
4. Bottled beer – Bassline
5. Red wine – Guitar
6. White wine – Piano

The music can also match a certain wine. In this example the different elements of the music sounds like the wine tastes – with different typical grapes from different countries.

1. South African Pinotage = Cape pop beat (a disputed grape and a country with liberal wine laws / a wild creole music style)
2. Chilean Carmenere = Latin percussion (a grape that Chileans first thought was indigenous but it later proved to be Europeian / Chilean Cueca rhythms; Europeian and indigenous indian music blended)
3. Spanish Tempranillo = Castanets ( Intense and earthy taste /Energetic Flamenco music with feet hard to the ground)
4. French Bordeaux = Double bass and cello (World’s most classic wine region / Classical music on historical instruments)
5. Portugese Port = Fado guitar (A sweet and strong wine / Emotional and powerful guitar rhythms)
6. Argentinian Malbec = Bandoneon (Full bodied taste / Dramatic and expressive accordion melodies)

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