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Unlike other electronic musical instruments, that are static with fixed properties and limitations, the Ima synth evolves over time. The more you explore, the more the instrument increases its range and invite the player to deeper interaction. The project address an increasing proble; children from young age say that they are not good at creativity. New digital- and media habits change the way we look at our own creative powers. Parents and society project the idea that creativity is only for a selected few. Ima Synth is an instrument where you don’t have to know anything about creating electronic music, but still be able to make something fantastic. The visuals express the music and the music express the visuals, so the creative process becomes easy to grasp and even more inspiring. Additive oscillator or subtractive oscillator, 4 waveform LFO assignable to pitch or character of the oscillator, 2 stage loopable envelope generator, flanger, bitcrusher, delay, ring modulator and formant filter effects. Ima Synth is built by Servando Barreiro in Pure Data, creative input by Hakan Lidbo.

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