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The World Cube consists of 24 computer keyboards, built into an interactive sculpture, 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.6 m, mounted on a tripod making it 1.85 m tall.


All keys on all keyboards sound like it's sign. "a" sounds aaaa, "r" sound rrrrr, "2" sound twooooo etc. So the visitors kan talk or sing with the keyboards. Each keyboard has it's own dialect. If a visitor type something on a keyboard, no text is produced, but if two or more visitors type similar letters or words within the same time span, these words are being displayed, projected on the walls. So the typing visitors have to listen to the other people typing in order to produce something meaningful.


The project is a metaphor of the difficulties in communication and the importance of listening. The cube in itself is a metaphor for earth and all the different dialects or cultures

Design and music by Hakan Lidbo

Electronics and programming by Max Bjorverud

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