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You move around the city, start the AAR-app and put headphones in your ears. Suddenly you have a kind of super hearing. You pass a cafe, hear the sound of a spoon in a coffee cup, someone takes a bite of a juicy cake. You see a hair salon and hear the sound of the scissors trimming the customer's beard. You see a bus stop, hear the sound of a bus braking, a voice tells you which bus line to be found at this stop.

Amazed by your new superpower, you launch another function in the app and swinging music starts. But the music magically changes in sync with your movements.


You create the arrangement yourself when you move around the city. After a while with both of these new experiences/abilities, you realise that all the sounds you hear with your new super hearing are in perfect time with the music you create. All the sounds around you sound clear and distinct and when you look around you discover how many people around you who even seem to move at the same pace.

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