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Flexagon is a conceptual, shape shifting furniture and a home for 3 people.

6 tetrahedrons connected in all sides where the volume in each tetrahedron is divided into 4 compartments. The whole furniture can be wrapped around itself, inwards or ourwards in 4 orientations. 3 poeople can sit around the Flexagon., each facing 2 tetrahedrons where 2 hatches open and reveal 1 out of 4 functions in their common home. Flexagon and livnig with Flexagon represents  an alternative to a clock. It twists clockwise inwards when there is a need to change its function. The project also challenges individual habits and privacy as the 3 people have to synchronize their habits, find an inner privacy. The project discuss how compact we possibly can live, considering both uture megacities and mars travels.

Drawings and prototypes by Farzaneh Farkish.


Design and concept by Hakan Lidbo.

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