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The new P2 Ström app was one of the first app that can be used as all instruments in a pop-band. You hook with some iPhone friends and choose if you want to be the drummer, bass player, percussionist, dub-master, vocal fx etc. And then you play together. The app is also a creative 6 channel loopmixer with some very nice features and effects.

P2 Ström was the main show about electronic music on Swedish National Radio and another nice feature was that when your mix was finished you pressed "upload" and it was sent it to the Ström Soundcloud channel. If your track was really good, it was played on the radio show the next weeks.

This film shows the staff of the Ström radio show playing live at Club Fylkingen in Stockholm. Using only P2 Ström iPhone apps.

The P2 Ström app is programmed by Jonatan Liljedal and designed by Håkan Ullberg.

Concept by Håkan Lidbo and Jonatan Liljedal.


Filmed and edited by Håkan Ullberg.

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