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Abbreviated as UASSO, this unique orchestra emerged sometime during winter/spring 2009. The idea was to gather analogue syntheseizer enthusiasts under the same roof, to practice for a live performance as the opening act of the new and exciting electronic music festival Volt

Personnel and machines used, front to back:

Front row: Erik Möller – Conductor, Mario Pierro - Roland Juno 60, Roland SH-101, Johan Runeson - Roland Jupiter 6, Hans Möller - Korg Polysix, Lisa Ulfves - Moog Rogue, Glenn Liljestrand - Yamaha CS-5, Kristofer Ulfves - Moog Prodigy, TR-606


Middle row:, Peter Heerdt - ARP Odyssey, Måns Sjöstrand - Roland MC-202, Marcus Mohall - SH-2000, Maja Stoltz Pierro - Jen SX-1000, Dan Wistedt - Roland JX-3P, Per Melander - Roland SH-09, Tomas Bodén - Korg MS-20, Olof Liliengren - Korg Mono/Poly


Back row: Håkan Lidbo - MC-202, Daniel Araya - Pearl Syncussion, TB-303, TR-606, Magnus Danielsson - EMS Synthi A, Jon Nensén – Serge, Andreas Tilliander - MS-20, Jens Kallback - MS-10

Arrangement and music by Erik Möller, Kristofer Ulfves and Mario Pierro, co-initiated by Hakan Lidbo and Voltfestivalen.

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