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With Mind Controlled Music, the user can make musical decisions only by thinking. A head band is reading the alpha and theta waves of the brain.Alpha waves can be detected during meditation, when relaxing -and theta waves or more dominant when focusing, involving mathematics or language.

The music is divided into 3 categories:

1. drums/percussion
2. melodies/bass
3. harmonies/chords

Shen the player approach a portal one of the sounds is replaced with 2 alternative ones in the same category. By relaxing or focusing the player chose the desired one.

The music library is organized so that music elements that fit with other music elements are closer together on a map. the player can navigate on this map by making different choices. The map i not a flat one but a 80-sided ball, visualized to the lower left in the user interface.

Mind Controlled Music can produce 510000 possible combinations of music so it will never sound the same twice.

In the future, music will be automatically real time generated to fit our needs an emotions in any moment. We have only begun to understand how music effects us, how it can give comfort, energy, heal, support, navigate, encourage and provide information. Inaugurated with bio sensors and deep learning, music will make us calm before we get to stressed, give us energy before we get too tired and subliminally help us making decisions that are good for us. Our music will be as personal as our inner thought, created only for ourselves, reflecting and manifesting our personalities. Mind Controlled Music is a glimpse into this possible future of music.

Developed and composed by Håkan Lidbo, Cornelia Sojdelius and Ludvig Elbaus


animations by Dan Spegel


Initial programming by Jonatan Liljedal


The project is supported by Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturbryggan and Innovativ Kultur.

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