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AnA is  robot with built in disabilites.She doesn’t move very well, she is visually impared, hearing impared, she easily get lost and she has autism. But unlike other robots she is very open about her disabilities. It’s not easy to be a robot and its good for us humans to be aware of this. To prevent possible future robot racism.

AnA builds a map of her environment, has face and speech recognition, built on a Kabuki robot platform, with IR sensors, Kinect, Odroid computer, programmed in ROS.


But most of all she is designed with a personality to make the people she meets feel empathy and insight of the struggles and difficulties it is to be a robot.

Programmed by Roger Aarenstrup

Initial programming and sensor set-up by Dawid Wolski

Assistance by Parham X

Concept, physical design, sound and face interaction design by Hakan Lidbo

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