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This is a machine where you can program your own melody and light dance. And explore endless combinations of melodies, light and beats. Press any of the buttons to change color of its LED ring and of the spotlight shining on the opposite side. Each time you move 1/8 steps through the musical scale or in frequencies of light. Red color has a lower frequency and makes lower notes, purple color has a higher frequency and makes higher notes. When you want to listen to the melody, release all buttons and the melody will be played throgh the 6 speakers obove the UFO, rotating clockwise in synch with the light dance. The longer you play, the more levels will be reached; new musical loops, new melody sounds and new light effects in the UFO.

Concept and sounds design by Hakan Lidbo

Sensor programming by Max Bjorverud

LED and DMX programming by Per-Olov Jernberg

Woodwork by Romeo Brahaneastu and Ebrahim Isaacs

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