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Re:sense is a series of wearables that block out one sense and replace it with a non-human super-sense. Some sort of super hero costumes that gives the wearer an experience what it's like to have a new sense.
1 "Vibrasense" is a helmet that blocks the wearers eye sight, but instead the helmet has ultrasonic distance sensors pointing in all directions, connected to corresponding vibration motors inside the helmet. This gives the wearer 360° vision - with vibration. The glove also has a distance sensor in the palm, connected to a vibration motor on the inside.
2 "Telesonic" blocks the wearers ability to communicate with people nearby, but with a built in super directional parabolic microphone connected to built in headphones - and a built-in microphone connected to a super directional loudspeaker in the palm of the glove, this super hero can communicate with people very far away.


By Hakan Lidbo + Simone Giertz, Magnus Frenning and Ellen Sundh, assisted by Farzaneh Farkish.

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