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Hakan Lidbo biography


2021 Interactive installations at Swedish Pavilion Expo 2020, Dubai UAE

2021 Video Works, Cica Museum, Gimpo South Korea
2021 interactive storefront windows, Kristianstad Sweden
2021 Musical Crosswalks, Kristianstad Sweden

2021 Immersive projection mapping, Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig Germany

2021 Solo exhibition, Platform Stockholm, Sweden
2021 Street art galleries Hamngatan & Sveavagen, Stockholm, Sweden


2020 Corona Hat, New Media Fest, Cologne Germany

2020 Athens Digital Festival, Alterplex, Athens Greece

2020 Musical Crosswalks, Kalmar Sweden

2020 PaSergels Torg, 4 sound+video installations to prevent crime, Stockholm Sweden

2020 Hyper Human , 3-D printed forest designed by AI, Tekniska Museet Stockholm Sweden

2020 Job-lab exhibition, Museum of Labor, Norrkoping Sweden 

2020 Singing Tunnels, Light Pong, BAM Brooklyn, NY USA

2020 Mobility Visualization, House of Sweden, Washington USA

2020 Game Lab and Interactive installations Silesian Science Festival, Katowice Poland

2020 Interactive floor at Spotify event, London UK 


2019 Exhibition at MDL-Beast festival, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

2019 Alterplex + VSK-1 Synthesizer, Pixxelpop, Slovenia

2019 Mathrix Game+musical instrument, Nordic Music Days, Bodø Norway 

2019 Robot band performing at opening of Swedish Pavilion, Expo2020,Dubai UAE

2019 Alterplex, Nominated Starts Prize, Ars Electronica, Austria

2019 Musical Crosswalks, Kalmar Sweden

2019 Mathrix, game+musical instrument, Ars Electronica, Austria
2019 Installations Center For Life, Newcastle

2019-2020 Interactive playground Funky Town, House of Sweden, Washington USA
2019 Installation Light Pong Currents Media Art Festival, Santa Fe USA
2019 Facade LED animation Harpa Concert Hall Reykjakik Iceland
2019 Game lab, Ars Electronica, Austria

2019 Installation Light Pong, Science Festival Goteborg Sweden
2019 Nobel Museum Literature Exhibition, Dubai UAE
2019 Slow Food at Museum Of Spirits, Stockholm, Sweden
2019-2020 Tetra House, House of Sweden, Washington USA

2019 Pixel Chess game, Science Festival Goteborg Sweden

2019 Slime Mould Chess, Bio Synth, iGem Synthetic Biology Art Expo

2018 City Symphony Norrkoping City Centre Sweden

2018 Exhibition EON, gamification of sustainable energy, Stockholm Sweden
2018 Fruit Synthesizers, performance, Georgia Tech, Atlanta USA
2018 Interactive reception, Oriflame Head Office, Stockholm Sweden
2018 Robot waitresses, Polhem Innovator Prize, Stockholm Sweden

2018 Mathrix  game+musical instrument, Brigdes Math+Art Festival
2018 Nobel Museum Chemistry Exhibition, Dubai UAE
2018 Singing Tunnels, instalaltion, Izmir Turkey
2018 Stockholm City Gas, Musical instrument; The Gas Organ, Stockholm Sweden
2018 Interactive installations x3, Swedish Museum Of Natural History, Stockholm Sweden

2018 TrueBots robot concert, Science Festival, Goteborg Sweden
2018 Exhibition, Technopolis, Mechelen Belgium

2018-2019 Exhibition Swedish Music Tech, House Of Sweden , Washington USA

2018 interactive Office Entrance Oriflame; Stockholm Sweden

2018 BrainMusic at Drone Vision, Fargfabriken Gallery, Stockholm Sweden

2017 Installation Big Question Generator, Ars Electronica, Linz Austria

2017-2018 Exhibition Play The Light, Technopolis, Mechelen Belgium
2017-2018 Interactive Storefront window, at Asogatan, Stockholm Sweden
2017-2019 Singing Tunnels, Rijeka Modern Art Museum 

2017  BeatBar at Swedish Pavillion IMEX, Frankfurt Germany
2017 Interactive Giant Vinyl Records, Changi Intl Airport, Singapore
2017 Interactive Subway Art Exhibition, UITP, Montreal Canada
2017 Involuntary  Remote Controlled Musicians, Music Tech Fest, Funkhaus, Berlin Germany
2017 LED animation FIESP Culture Center, Sao Paulo Brazil
2017 Museum Of Performing Arts, Stockholm Sweden
2017 Sound Field For Istrian Scale, Rijeka International Airport
2017 VR DJ game, Ableton Loop Festival, Berlin Germany


2016 Sound Installation Music Tech Fest Cankarev Dom Ljubljana Slovenia

2016 Interactive performance Madness Of The Crowd Ars Electronica, Linz Austria
2016 Big Beat inflatable music controllers, Ableton Loop Festival, Berlin Germany
2016 Installations/Workshop Ecsite Director Forum. Granada Spain
2016 Interactive reception at Deutche telekomm Head Office, Bonn Germa y
2016 Musical Crosswalks, Eurovision, Stockholm Sweden
2016 Sy th Birds Workshop, Avesta Art Sweden
2016-2019  Avesta Art
2016-2019 Science Festival, Goteborg Sweden

2016 Deutche Telekomm

2015 Interactive installations Volkswagen Electric Vehicle Fair, Berlin Germany
2015 Mind Controlled Music, Swedish Museum of Science and technology, Stockholm Sweden
2015 Swedish Museum Of Science And Technology, Stockholm Sweden
2015 Whitewater, Sonification of  Fortum Water Power Plants, Dalalven Sweden
2015-2019 Singing Tunnels Stockholm
2015, 2017, 2018 File Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Rio De Janeiro, Vitoria
2015 Interactive outdoor music sculpture, Malmo Concert Hall, Sweden

2014 BeatBar at Exhibition Swedish Design Goes Moscow, Russia

2014 Interactive LED animation NOD Building, Kista Sweden


2013 Big Score, interactive giant music score, Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden
2013 10 m drum machine, Stockholm International Airport, Sweden
2013 Interactive sound installation, Stockholm Central Station
2013 Norrtalje Art Museum 

2013 Music for European Indoor Athlete Championship, Goteborg Sweden

2013 Interstellar Communication Pufendorf Institute, Lund Sweden


2012 Song Electric Eurovision, Goteborg Sweden

2012 BiB Robot Museum Guide, Malmo Science Museum, Sweden

2011 Opening ceremony Stockholm Culture Festival, Sweden
2011 Lost Bots, 25 confused robots trying to find their way, VoltFestival, Uppsala Sweden

2011 Film Music Animal Rights, Sweden

2011 Kitchen Radio - Food, Wine, Music S01, Swedish Broadcasting Corporation

2011 HACK, Fargfabriken Art, Stockholm Sweden

2010 Exhibition Trancelaysions, Stockholm Culture Center
2010 Move The Needle, interactive exhibition 4 vinyl players, Gallerian Stockholm Sweden
2010 Short film Monkeys And Synthesizers, Stockholm Sweden
2010, 2011 opening ceremony Stockholm Culture Festival
2010 Opening ceremony Stockholm Culture Festival, Sweden

2010 Radio program Strom i P2 S04 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation

2010 Objector University Of Arts, Stockholm Sweden

2010 App Strom i P2

2010 Commissioned music for solo Vuvuzela, SBR World Football Championship

2010 Music From The Future

2010 Silent club for headphones, Pride Festival, Stockholm Sweden

2010 Curator ElectroBusking, Street Festival, Stockholm Sweden

2010 Workshop Soundscape for Sustainable Urban Development, Stockholm University Sweden


2009 Exhibition Sthlm Noise, Stockholm Music Museum
2009-2014 Curator Volt Festival Uppsala Concert and Congress Center 

2009 Radio program Strom i P2 S03 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation


2008 Curator Kammartronica Festival, Berwaldhallen Stockholm Sweden
2008 Music sent into space, Swedish Space Corporation, Jukkasjarvi Sweden




2011 Radio program Köksradion S01 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation

2011 Radio program Strom i P2 S05 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation

2010 Radio program Strom i P2 S04 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation

2009 Radio program Strom i P2 S03 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation

2008 Radio program Strom i P2 S02 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation

2007 Radio program Strom i P2 S01 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation




2013 Director & producer, Power To The People, music documentary, SVT




2015 Yellofier Electric iOS+Android

2013 Yellofier – anything become music iOS+Android

2012-2019 Music and sound design for Toca Boca

2016  Music and sound design for Marco polo Learning

2012 C3N iOS

2011TouchZone Android

2011 Xoiiox iOS iPad

2011 Strom Bonnier  Art Gallery Exhibition app

2010 Star 6 -- various loops (Star6/USA) iPhone application

2010 Strom iOS

Music For Theater & Ballet


2009 Kvarteret Skatan – krogshow på Rival, Stockholm Sweden

2007 Kvarteret Skatan – krogshow på Rival, Stockholm Sweden

2006 60.01.60 Asa Unander Scharin Ballet, Stockholm Culture Center 

2002 Ballet Pjong Spoxx Kompani Equilibrium, Stockholm Sweden

2001 Circles In Hypercube –Asa Unander Scharin, Moderna Dansteatern Stockholm Sweden

2000 De Tre Gaver –Peter Schaufuss Baletten I Danmark


Membership of boards


FST Swedish Composers Society

STIM Music Creators In Sweden

SKAP The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors

ISCM International Society for Contemporary Music

2012 Member of Swedish Arts Council board

2018 Jury member Stockholm Sound Award

2018 Member of Creativity Lab advisory board, Center for Life Newcastle UK

2015 Member of the Scientific Board, Goteborg Science Festival

2014 Member of Museum of Science and Technology advisory board, Stockholm Sweden

2015 Member of Museum of performing Arts advisory board, Stockholm Sweden


Awards and grants


2020 Finalist EBV IoT Hero Award, Munich Germany

2020 Finalist GSMA IoT Innovation World Cup, Barcelona Spain

2019 Nominated Starts Prize, Ars Electronica, Linz Austria

2019 Finalist Smart Territory Digital Challenges

2019 Finalist Brewhouse Innovation Award

2019 FInalist iGem Synthetic Biology Art Expo

2018 Finalist Stockholm Sound Awards

2018 Swedish Arts grants Committee Work grant

2018 Finalist Sweden Art & Business Award, Sweden

2018 Finalist Guthman Musical Instrument Innovation Award, Georgia Tech, Atlanta USA

2017 Nominated Stockholm Sound Awards

2017 Finalist Open Stockholm Award

2016 Stockholm SKAPA Innovation Prize

2016 Mariano Gago Ecsite Award

2016 Finalist IoT Innovation World Cup

2016 Hack for Sweden

2016 Finalist Stockholm Innovation Scholarship, Sweden

2016 Creative Business Cup Sweden

2015 Nominated Stockolm City innovation Award

2015 Nominated Swedish Grammy

2015 Finalist Brewhouse Innovation Award

2014 PTS Innovation Award

2014 Nominated Stockolm City innovation Award

2012 PTS Innovation Award

2011 Stockholms City Honorary Prize

2011 FST Composer’s Award

2010 Swedish Writer’s Radio Scholarship

2010 FST FST Composer’s Award

2010 Bjarne Nyquist Memorial Scholarship

2007 Stockholms Stads Culture Award

2006 FST Travel Scholarship

2006 Swedish Arts grants Committee Work grant

2005 STIM Scholarship

2003 P3 Guld


Comissioned Music


2006 WA-contemporary - beställningsverk från P2 till EBU mozartfestival

2005 musik till programmet flykt i p1

2005 musik till studio 8, tv8

2005 musim till världen I focus, tv8

2003 mitote – beställningsverk av P2 till EMS 40 års jubileum

2012 act Eurovision Song Contest, Goteborg Sweden

2009 Oljud Stockholm

2009 Musiken Vi Hatar

2008 Musik För Främmande Civilisationer

2007 Ny Musik För Landssorg

2006 Pausfågeln remixad

2006 Skiftet

2005 Jävla Kritiker

2004 Industrial Cool


2014 Sounds For Driving

2007 Level vodka - filmmusik

2006 Absolut Roby Red – online musical i 5 akter

2001 JC TV reklam (utnänmdes till årets reklamlåt av reklamförbundet)


2005 Song Pay TV Eurovision, Goteborg Sweden

2004 Song Pay TV Eurovision, Goteborg Sweden

2004 Ultimate Fighting, EA games


2009 Ström I P2 Mars-Juni

2008 Ström i P2 Mars-Juni

2007 Ström I P2 Jan-Mars

2006 Ström I P2 Jan-Mars, repris i p3 Juni - Juli




2021 Re:Publica Berlin Germany

2021 TEDx Zurich Switzerland

2020 Bright Festival Moscow 2020

2020 Innovation Pioneers Stockholm Sweden 

2020 Swedish Embassy Nairobi Kenya

2018 TED Midatlantic Washington USA

2018 Keynote/Workshop Culture Action Europe Timisoara Romania

2018 Norrkoping Kulsterträff Sweden

2018 Museum of Science and technology, Stockholm Sweden

2017 Internet Days, Stockholm Sweden

2018 Bridges Math+Art Festival, Stockholm Sweden

2018 Dansens hus, Stockholm Sweden

2018 Music Tech Fest Stockholm Sweden

2018 Guthman Music Instrument Award, Atlanta USA

2017 IMEX, Frankfurt Germany

2017 TED Stockholm Sweden

2017 Innovation In Music London UK

2017 Rijeka Culture Capital 2020 Croatia

2017 Royal School of Science and technology

2017 VR Scifest, Stockholm Sweden

2017 White Sustainable City, Fargfabriken, Stockholm Sweden

2017 Stockholm University Sweden

2016 Music Tech Fest Berlin Germany

2016 Berghs School of Communication Stockholm Sweden

2016 PTS, Stockholm Sweden

2014 SAE

2014 Royal College of Music

2015 Music Tech Fest Ljubljana Slovenia

2014 Music Tech Fest Umeå Sweden

2012 TED Goteborg Sweden




2018 Works, self pubiished, Sweden

2012 Spelskalle/Gamehead, ICA Publishing, Sweden






Håkan Lidbo 6 Omar Santis - Sustain EP (Envelope Audio/Swe)




Håkan Lidbo – Expressions of Gravity Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Calegynephobia EP (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo Kiruna Mon Amour, trakc on D3 EP compilation (I was expecting Donuts/Swe)




Håkan Lidbo – Rithim Soisialta Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Kulturljud Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Do Fries Go With That Shake Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Decryptology Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Metachaos Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – We Talk Alone Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Gerontophobia EP (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Panoophobia EP (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lunvigsson / AX002 – Why 2.1 remix EP (Container/Swe)

Qapricorn & Hakan Lidbo - Roughed Up EP (Container/Swe)




Håkan Lidbo – Stinky Fingers Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Mass Individuality Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Sounds For Driving Album (Container/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Das Lied Von Der Erde Album (Container/Swe)




Håkan Lidbo – Unpolitical Songs Album (Container/Swe)




Hakan Lidbo feat Jessica Volker & Cleo - Electric (Uniform Beat/Swe)

Classical Masterpices EP (Magnum/Ger)




Håkan Lidbo Zuzuvela Håkan ludvigsson remixes EP (Substream/Swe)




Håkan Lidbo – Regression Session EP (Tigerbass/USA)

Håkan Lidbo – We Are Not Yet AEP (Onethirty/USA)

Håkan Lidbo – Partogenes V/A (Aroma/Ger) CD comp

Håkan Lidbo – Chain Of Unpredictable Reactions EP (Balkan Connection/Tba) MP3

Håkan Lidbo -- Tech Couture Vol 2 (Audio Exit/Hungary) MP3

Håkan Lidbo – Death Of Deephouse EP (Neutron Music) MP3

Håkan Lidbo -- Self Supporting Rhythm EP (3rd Wave/Germany) MP3

Håkan Lidbo – Cacosomnia EP (Night Drive/Germany) MP3

Håkan Lidbo -- Annual Grey EP (Sophisticated/Spain) MP3

Origin Of Life on Compilation Tba (Kostbar/Ger) MP3

Robert Jonson & Punchdrunks – Dub For Mrs Seigner remix (Tba/Swe)MP3

The Kicks – Let It Be remix (Subspace Communication/Swe) MP3

Jeanette Lindström – River remix (Playground Records/Swe)CDs

Trentemøller _ An Evening With The B Brothers remix (Soundz/UK) 12”

Star You Star Me/Erland Øye-A Place In My Heart remix (Soundz/UK) 12”

Martin Brodin & Nina Hall – Dirty Soul remix (Deeplay/Swe) MP3

Space System – Mother Remix (BuyYouSellMe/UK) MP3




Håkan Lidbo – Transcoding Nature V/A (Delikat Recordings/Ger)

Håkan Lidbo – Amok at Dream Hack (SVT/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Christmas In Utopia (Substream/Swe)MP3

Håkan Lidbo – 12 covers mix (Skatan) Musical

Julien Aubert – Tba remix (Creaked Records/Schweiz)

Golden Monkey _ 6 Hours remix (Manuscript/Ukraine) MP3

Håkan Lidbo -- Quale And Propium EP (Kostbar/Germany) MP3

Håkan Lidbo vs Vincent Inc– We Fall So Deep EP (Manuscript/Ukraine) MP3

Håkan Lidbo -- Maths 101 EP (Itinerant/Australia) MP3

Dildorado – Sailor Boy EP (Dildorado/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Bad Girls Go To Hell 2009 EP (Complot/USA) MP3

Håkan Lidbo -- Myxomycetes EP (Syncopated Music/USA) MP3

Håkan Lidbo & Magnum 38 – You don’t like it? EP (Musick/Ger) MP3 + comic book

Håkan Lidbo – Sug Min Puss EP (We Are Woodville/UK) MP3

Genuine Guy _ Jealous Swingers remix (Tigerbeat 6) MP3

Mindhacker – Andrei Dejeu -- Femeia Africana remix (MonoMental/Ger) MP3

Neo Cartoon Lovers– Everything I Need remix (Sony BMG/Swe) MP3

Greg Shiff – The Signer remix (The Vacationist/USA) MP3

Vaerelsen – Gör Dansen remix (Vaerelsen/Swe) MP3

Otur -- Declarations remix (Otur Music/Swe) MP3

Binny – Block Stuctures remix EP (Buy You Sell Me/Dubai) MP3

Various – Oljud Stockholm ( MP3

Depeche Mode – Peace remix (EMI) CDs + MP3+MP4

Håkan Lidbo -- Faster Pussycat Kill Kill EP (Soundz/UK) 12”

Black Art Orchestra – TV Suicide EP (Mineral/Tba) 12”

Håkan Lidbo and 2Khz – XXXY EP (We Are Woodville/UK) MP3

Håkan Lidbo and DJablo – The Great Adventure Video (Quicktime/No label) Tba

Håkan Lidbo -- Reversible Rhtyhms EP (Manuscript/Ukraine) MP3

Håkan Lidbo – Lagom EP (MonoMental/Ger) MP3

Various – Ström – Musiken Vi Hatar Album (Container/Swe) CD

Håkan Lidbo – From Hackney To Caracas Album (Enjoy/Fra) MP3

Håkan Lidbo -- Moon And Stars EP (Enjoy/Fra) MP3

Håkan Lidbo and Apoll – Cheerleaders and Queens EP (Tongut/Austria) MP3

Håkan Lidbo and Rob Adema -- Alkmar Cheese EP (Tongut/Austria) MP3

Soundz Covermount CD iDJ August (Soundz/UK) CD

Randy Twigg _ Done Up remix (Tigerbeat 6) MP3

Sweetshop remix (We Are Woodville/UK) MP3

Moist feat Sophie Rimheden – Sorry remix (Moist/Swe) MP3

Stefan Archer – La Cascada remix (Manuscript/Ukraine) MP3

Tomas Andersson – Big Hair remix (Pawnshop Records/USA) MP3

Andreas Tilliander – Caught In A Riot remix (Adrian Records/Swe) Free MP3

Rich Vomdorf – Momento A remix (Broque/Ger) MP3

Alton Miller – Everyday I do remix (Enjoy/Fra) MP3

Jonna Lee -- Lake Chermain remix (Razzia/Swe) CDs

Fever Ray – When I Grow Old remix (Rabid Records/Swe) 12”

I.D.A. – Armageddon Ready Remix (Hitworks/Swe) CDs

Håkan Lidbo – Street Fighting remix (Street Fighting/USA) MP3

Håkan Lidbo – Problemår I Malmö (Musikhjälpen/Swe)MP3

Saft -- Dubbelliv Remix (Saft/Swe) MP3

Håkan Lidbo -- Snälla Doktorn EP (Broque/Ger) MP3

Moist – I Am remix EP (Moist/Swe) MP3

Nationalsången Remixad -- V/A (Voltfestivalen) MP3

Håkan Lidbo – Surf Zombies soundtrack (Attractionfilm/Swe) DVD

Håkan Lidbo – Paris Noise (Jordansson Open Source Project/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – 15.00 (Jordansson 15.00 Project/Swe)

Data 80 – Space age love in Bromma Web-ad (Happyplace/Loud46/Swe)

Håkan Lidbo – Give Me The Groove on Pacemaker V2 (Tonium/Swe) Portable DJ gadget




Data 80 -- Musica Magna Et Ultima CD (UMI Records/Jap) CD

Middle To North EP (Pearldiver Records/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Senegal EP (Enjoy/France) MP3

Chambertronica – Chambertronica Album (Container Recordings/Sweden) CD

Pay TV – Euro Pride Album Promo CD (Container/Swe) CDs

Louise Järleskog – Skriva den hårt I krysset (Container Recodings/Swe) CDs

Pay TV -- Fashion Report USA CD (Next Plaeau/USA) CDs + MP3

Various – Music For Alien Civilizations Album/Radiowave (Container/Swe) CD /Radiowave

Sista Groove -- Broken Concept remix (Sinergy Networks/Ger) MP3

Håkan Ludwigsson -- Trollflöjten remix EP (Pearldiver Records/Ger) 12”

Sultan Peppa -- Intense Love remix (Pawnshop records/USA) MP3

Tom Stereo – Now Or Never (mix + remix) single (Skeive Dager/Nor) CDs

Otur Manufacturing remix (Otur Music/Swe) MP3

Sophie Rimheden – Go Away remix (Rimheden Music/Swe) MP3

Sista Groove -- Broken Concept remix EP (Sinergy Networks/Ger) MP3

Alison – Disco Dolly remix (Fantastic Plastic Sound/Swe) MP3

Astray – I Am remix EP (Gino/Can) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Kiiphoon on Musik Non Stop Uno (Syncopated Music/USA) CD

Håkan Lidbo – Klangstudie III ( Stream




Håkan Lidbo and Alex Van Heerden -- Simple Album (Permanent/Japan) CD

Håkan Lidbo -- Dunka Dunka Album (Musick/Ger) CD

Håkan Lidbo -- Acid Express Schrodinger Remix (Illegal Ninja Moves/Australia) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Call For Islam EP (Musick/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Fake Angel EP (Illegal Ninja Moves/Audtralia) 12”

Håkan Lidbo and Daniela Bove -- My Love Only EP (Mantis Recordings/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Peepoo (Musick/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Secrets Of The Satin Blues EP (Neopren Recordings/Switzerland) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Sound Molecules Part 1 EP (AKA Ltd/Australia) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Sound Molecules Part 2 EP (AKA Ltd/Australia) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Amnesty International EP (Buy You Sell Me/UK) MP3

Mental Hardcore on ”Fuzzy; A Collection Of Reflection” (Weird And Wired/Ger) MP3

Johan Fotmeijer -- Critters -Håkan Lidbo remix (Aesthetik Records/USA)

Lowe -- Simplicity Håkan Lidbo remix (Megahype Records/Swe) CD

Vector X-Y on Electronation 5 Years (Lektroluv)CD

Mass Reduced on Netlabel Mixtape Vol.2 (File, MP3, 192) Mixotic

Trinity on The Dub Club Night (2xCD) Lola’s World

Froken Ur, Ektoplasma on Tribute To Textone Netlabel DJ Set ( MP3

Ström , 10 episodes (SBC) Radio Show




Sr Replicante – Son Solo Unos Ruidos remix (Sinergy Networks) MP3

Håkan Lidbo and Alex Van Heerden- Simple Album (Container Recordings/Swe) CD

Håkan Lidbo -- Saturday Night EP (Voltage Musique Records/Ger) 12”

Scanner – Night Jam remix (Night Jam Homeless Project/UK) MP3

Quasimodo Jones – Love Commando remix (Shitkatapult/Ger) 12”

Sr Replicante -- Son Sólo Unos Ruidos remix (Sinergy Networks/Ger)

Comp: Get Electrofied! — Colony5/Plastic World remix Memento Materia/Swe) CD+DVD

Froken Ur on 17 Reasons To Play Minimal (File, MP3, 192) Sonic Walker

Bobs Knobs on A Tribute To Robert Moog (Crème Organization) CD

Televinken on Barak Presents : A Classic Pokerflat Selection (Poker Flat/Ger) CD

Mass Reduced on Detection Of Distraction (Mixotic) MP3

Swaping Wives on Disco Vibes: Club Selection (Mettle Music/UK) CDx2

Sieg Halelujah! On Do You Copy? (Mitek/Ger) CDx2

Froken Ur on Escuela Del Sur ( MP3

Shout on Get Electrofied! (Memento Materia/Swe) CD+DVD

Jazz Spasm on Jazz Vibes -- Club Selection (Mettle Music/UK) CDx2

Jazz Vibes -- Vinyl Selection -- Part One (12″) Jazz Spasm Mettle Music

Net Audio Boutique Vol. 3 (File, MP3, 128) Froken Ur Net Audio Boutique

Sessions (2xCD, Mixed, Comp) Televinken Ministry Of Sound

Sounds Of Kindred Vol.1 (12″) Complementary Kindred Sounds

South Beach: Lincoln Road (CD) What Is Love? Kriztal Entertainment

Ström -- Pausfågeln Remixad (CD) Sommargylling Container Recordings (Sweden)

Black Art Orchestra – Beatmatching EP (Trapez/Ger) 12” trapezltd49

Do You Copy? (2xCD, Comp) Sieg Halelujah! Mitek

Jazz Vibes -- Vinyl Selection -- Part One (12″) Jazz Spasm Mettle Music

Love Commando on Musick -- To Play In The Club (Shitkatapult/Ger) CD

Televinken on Sessions (Ministry Of Sound/UK) CDx2

Pay-TV -- Work Your Body (Container Recordings/Swe) CDs

Ström , 10 episodes (SBC) radio shows




Håkan Lidbo -- Baby, Let Me Be The Pig Tonight EP (Mitek/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Field Work (Frogman Records/Jap) CDs

Håkan Lidbo and Sophie Rimheden -- Främling Single (SubSpace Communications/Swe) CDs

Varano -Leaving My Troubles Behind remix EP (Murena Records /Den) 12”+CD

Colony 5 -- Plastic World remix (Prototyp/Swe) CDs

Lowe – Simplicity (Megahype Records/Swe) CDs

Lowe -- Tenant Remix Compilation (Vision Music/Swe) 2 x CD

Yello -- The Eye (Radikal Records /Ger) CD

J. Wiews -- Your Country remix (Deeplay Music/Swe) 12”

Afterhours -- Nonstop Mix Style Two (CD, Comp, Mixed) Capoeira (Original Lon… S2S PTE Ltd.

Alla Tiders Melodifestival (CD) Främling Universal Music (Sweden)

Detection Of Distraction (File, MP3) Mass Reduced Zerinnerung

Frequent Flyer -- Kingston, Jamaica (2xCD, Mixed) Natty Roots Kinkysweet Recordings

Hypersex.Code 1 (2xCD) Dead Space Disco Inc.

Hypersex.Code 1 (3xLP, Comp) Head Space Disco Inc.

Miami Resistance Vol. 1 (CD) Sex Slave Kinetik Media

Modern (CD) Moog City DNM -- Dealers Of Nordic Music

Perlen 4 (CD, Comp, Mixed) My Girlfriend Kitty Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten

Poker Flat Volume 1-4 (3xCD, Comp + 3xCD Box,) Televinken, Meta-Matic… Poker Flat Recordings

Rachdingue Vol.1 (CD) Wide Open Rachdingue

Sessions (2xCD, Mixed, Comp) Don’t Walk Away (20:20… Ministry Of Sound

Sessions (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Don’t Walk Away (20:20… Ministry Of Sound, Ministry Of Sound (Germany)

U60311 Compilation (2xCD) Televinken V2 Records, Inc.

Vibes -- Latin Vibes: Club Selection (2xCD) Cubanissimo Kinkysweet Recordings

Afterhours -- Nonstop Mix Style Two (CD, Comp, Mixed) Capoeira (Original Lon… S2S PTE Ltd.

Frequent Flyer -- Kingston, Jamaica (2xCD, Mixed) Natty Roots Kinkysweet Recordings

Reuge Remixed -- The Art Of Mechanical Music (CD, Album) Forellenquintett (Fore… Muve Recordings

Robots & Rebels (CD) Lobotom Records

Spectral Sound Vol. 1 (CD, Comp + CD, Mixed) The Tic-Tac Tactic, To… Spectral Sound

Taste The Whup At Oki Dog (CD, Album) Oddball Nilroy Records

Pride EP (CD, Maxi) S56 Recordings

Refrain Refrain (CD, Maxi) T56

The Eye (CD + CD, Enh) Planet Dada Radikal Records

The Eye (CD, Album) Planet Dada Invisible Halahup




Håkan Lidbo -- From A To D Album (Data Error/Ger) 2 x 12”

Håkan Lidbo and 2KHz -- Boys And Girls EP (Oxyd Records/Ita) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Clockwise-Rmxs EP (Shitkatapult/Ger) CD+12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Field Work EP (Frogman Records/Jap) CDs

Håkan Lidbo -- Fire Head EP (Solarplexus/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- From Hackney To Caracas EP (Enjoy Recordings/Fra) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Shut Up, Dance, Smile EP (Morris Audio/Austria) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- The Worst Case Scenario EP (Tender Productions/Den) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Truckdriver EP (Xylophone Jones Recordings/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Tuffa Pojkar EP (Star Whores Records/Spa) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Ultrachrome EP (Textone/Ger) MP3

Abide -- Beauty remix (Regular/Spa) 12”

Daniele Luppi -- Fashion Party remix EP (Rhino Entertainment Company/USA) CD

Sophie Rimheden -- Lovin’ remix on H2-Fi Remixes (Mitek/Ger) CD

Dash Dude -- The Radio Diet remix (Morris Audio/Austria) 12”

Clicks & Cuts 4 (CD, Comp) Lebensformen MillePlateauxMedia

Club Transmediale 04 (Fly Utopia) (2xCD) Mongoloid Data Error

Electropop Heroes Volume Two (CD) Shout Memento Materia

Five Years Of Poker Flat Recordings (2x12″) Give Me Your Disease Poker Flat Recordings

IC1 -- The Birth Of Industrial Cool (CD) The Museum Of Socialism 23Hz

Intrinsic Qualities Vol. 1 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Glowworm, Middleman Intrinsic Design

Killers Hits From Hell II (12″) Every Night Dancefloor Killers

Latina Beach Bar Volume 3 (CD, Comp) Jazzfish Choice Productions

Moment (CD) The Helium Kid WMF Records

Moon Harbour Inhouse Flights -- Volume One (Part Two Of Two) (12″) Overnight Moon Harbour Recordings

Moon Harbour Inhouse Flights Volume One (CD, Comp, Mixed) Overnight Moon Harbour Recordings

Ronny Pries -- Click And Chord Discount (File, MP3) Ektoplasma Realaudio

Shitkatapult 50 -- Special Musick For Special People (4xLP) Clockwise Shitkatapult

Shitkatapult 50 -- Special Musick For Special People (DVD-V, PAL + File, MP3) Clockwise, Interview, … Shitkatapult

Something Else Estereo 02: City Lounge Boogie Soul (CD) Walk Away (20:20 Visio… Estereo

The Lasergun Compilation Vol. 1 (2xCD) Vector X-Y Lasergun

Volume Three -- Five Years Of Poker Flat Recordings (CD + CD) Give Me Your Disease Poker Flat Recordings

Shitkatapult 50 -- Special Musick For Special People (4xLP) Clockwise, Rock`N`Roll… Shitkatapult

Shitkatapult 50 – Specia

l Musick For Special People (DVD-V, PAL + File, MP3) Clockwise, Rock’n'Roll… Shitkatapult

The Tic-Tac Tactic (12″) Spectral Sound

Trendy Discotheque (CD, Maxi) Container Recordings (Sweden)

Chosen #2 (CD) The Race (Tomcraf… Hadshot Haheizar

Messy Miss Metal -- Oriental Format remix Tender Productions/Den) 12”




Håkan Lidbo -- Sound Molecules Album (AKA Ltd/Australia) CD

Data 80 – Data 80 Album (Force Tracks/Ger) 2x12+CD

Håkan Lidbo -- 4 Easy Pieces EP (Wolfskuil Records/Hol) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Bad Girls Go To Hell EP (Urban/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Capoeira EP (Deeplay Music/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Clockwise EP (Shitkatapult/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Disco Explosion EP (Yellhouse Records/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Walk Away /Unreleased Dubs EP (Estereo/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Fantasmo EP (Nextera/Cze) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Finest Selection EP (Tangent Beats/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Mechanimals EP (AKA Ltd/Australia) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Thank You Baby EP (Terraform Records/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- The Killer EP (Muzique Boutique Recordings/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Walk Away Edits EP (Estereo/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- World Orgy EP EP (Nextera/Cze) 12”

Tba -- Electronic Music Machine remix (Onitor /Ger) 12”

Come Back To Me remix (Sunburn Records/USA) 12”

Delete Distance remix (Scheinselbständig/USA) 12”

Kool Kieth -- Don’t Crush It remixes (Tommy Boy Music/USA) 12”

Melody Club – Electric remix (Virgin Records/Sweden) CDs

Filur -- P.I.E.C.E remix (Playground Music/Swe) 12”+CDs

Yello -- Planet Dada remix (Motor Music/Ger)

Ennio Morricone -- Alla Serenita remix (Compost Records/Ger) 12” + CD

Varano -- Running With The Devil remix (Murena Records/Den) 12”

Q-burns and Lisa Shaw remix (Bazoline/Fra) 12”

Digital Disco 2 (CD) Things Have Changed (A… Force Tracks

Jack To Future (2x12″) Housemusic Resopal Schallware

Jack To Future (CD) Housemusic Resopal Schallware

Jerome Pacman’s Family (2xCD, Mixed, Comp) Changes (Robsoul Remix) FAMILIES

My Way (The Remixes) (12″) My Way (Hakan Lidbo Re… Force Inc. Music Works

My Way (The Remixes) (12″, W/Lbl, Promo) My Way (Hakan Lidbo Re… Force Inc. Music Works

Bad Girls Go To Hell on Chillenundgrillen / Zwei (Universal Marketing Group/Ger) CD

Bad Girls Go To Hell on Clubber’s Guide To Spring (Ministry Of Sound Nordic/Swe)

Bad Girls Go To Hell on Clubber’s Guide To Finland (Bonnier Amigo Music Group/Fin)

Bad Girls Go To Hell on Dancechart Volume 04 (Edel-Mega Records/Tba) CD comp

Capoeira (Jeff Bennett remix) on Deep Vibes Vol 1 (Muschihaus/Tba) CD comp

Mikroben on DJ Legba Electronica Compilatiion (Tender Productions /Den) CD comp

Whales And Insects on Einzelteile 02 (Data Error/Ger) 12” comp

Sexy Robot on Electric Pop (MOFA Schallplatten/Ger) 2xCD comp

Cuba Libre on Fabric 12 (Fabric/UK) CD comp

Bad Girls Go To Hell on Ibiza The Island’s Essentials (Premium/Tba)

Housemusic on Jack To Future (Resopal Schallware/Ger) CD + 2x12”

Changes (Robsoul Remix) on Jerome Pacman’s Family (Familier/Tba) CD

Lite (Remixes) (12″) Lite Mitek

Mitek: Process (CD) Scheinbar Harmlos Mitek

Mitek: Process (2xLP) Scheinbar Harmlos Mitek

Moon Harbour Flights Volume Two (CD, Comp, Mixed) Televinken Moon Harbour Recordings

Perfecto Chills Vol. 1 (2xCD) From Stockholm With Love Thrive Records

Pink Mini Compilation (12″) Monoloid Tuning Spork Records

Pure Garage Presents ‘Four To The Floor’ (2xCD, Comp, Mixed)

Walk Away (Todd’s Tell… Warner Strategic Marketing (UK)

Sounds From Around Part 3 (12″) Slimline Aesoteric Records

The Annual (3xCD) Disco Explosion (Playm… 2 Dance

Punchline EP (12″, EP) Artists Known As (AKA Ltd)

Sounds From Around Part 3 (12″) Slimline Aesoteric Records

Things Have Changed (12″) Force Tracks

Akufen -- My Way remix on Digital Disco 2 (Force Tracks/Ger) 2 x CD

Håkan Lidbo -- Oke Fenoke Swamp on

DJ Legba Electronica Compilation (Tender Productions /Den)




Håkan Lidbo -- 06.10.60 Album (Mitek/Ger) CD

Håkan Lidbo -- Sexy Robot Album (Lasergun/Ger) CD + 2 x 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Bad Girls Go To Hell (12″) V2 Records, Inc.

Håkan Lidbo -- Bad Girls Go To Hell EP (Bonnier Music/Swe) CDs

Håkan Lidbo -- Bad Girls…(Phunk Investigation Mixes) (Hedonism/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Before The Beginning EP (AKA Ltd) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- From Stockholm With Love Album (AKA Ltd/Australia) 12”

Håkan Lidbo and Tvyks- Norr/Vychod EP (Paper Recordings/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo VS Laid -- On And On EP (Lap Dance/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Protozoans EP (Special Needs Recordings/UK) 12”

Ho’s Funkin’ Tonite (12″) Ho’s Funkin’ Tonite (H… Critical Mass

Håkan Lidbo -- Stockden Project EP (Straylight/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Una Mas EP (Wrong Steps Records/Fra) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- What Is Love? EP (Enjoy Recordings/Fra) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- What Is Love? EP (Tangent Beats/Swe) CDs

Håkan Lidbo -- Nude Celebrities EP Drought Records (UK)

Håkan Lidbo -- Everybody Dance EP (Honduras/Swe) 12”

Truant -- Afro Bandwagon EP (Paper Recordings /UK) 12”

The Floorfillerz -- Balance remix EP (Terraform Records /USA)

John Selway -- Digital Emotion remix (Feis/Ger) 12”

Tube Jerk -- Dirty Black Discoteque remix (Sativae/UK) 12”

Paula Lobos -- Fuss & Fight remix EP (Ladybug Records/Swe)

Glasgow Gangster Funk -- Ho’s Funkin Tonite remix EP (Nu-Tone/UK) 12”

Monkey (12″) Monkey (Håkan Lidbo R… Tretiak

Monkey (CD, Maxi) Monkey (Håkan Lidbo R… Universal Records

Globus Mix Vol. 6 -- Dave Tarrida Plays Records (CD) Freestyle Disco (Håka… Tresor

Electro Pop 3000|2 (2xCD) Freestyle Disco (Hakan… ZYX Music

Moon Harbour Flights Volume One (CD, Comp, Mixed) Tessio (Håkan Lidbo Mix) Moon Harbour Recordings

Re-Routed (The Invisible Airline Remixes) (CD) Shame (Hakan Lidbo Mix) Eighth Dimension Records

Splinter Five (2xCD) Afro Bandwagon (Hakan’… Paper Recordings

Talkin’ Bout My Baby / Drop The Hate (12″) Drop The Hate (Remixed… Skint Records

The Afro Art Remixes (12″) Brave Eagle Of Apache … Afro Art

The Pimp EP (CD, EP, CD3) Drop The Hate (Remixed… Astralwerks

Uprocking Beats (12″) Uprocking Beats (Hakan… International House Records

Work (12″) Work (Hakan Lidbo A-ka… Spånka Records

Destination -- Australia 001 (2xCD) Changes (RobSoul Mix) EQ / Stomp

Disco Kandi 05.02 (2xCD) Bad Girls Go To Hell (… Hed Kandi Records

Håkan Lidbo Presents Container Tracks Vol 1 (2x12″) Grey Lines, Plain Gold Ring Touchdown Recordings

Headphonic -- Sensual Deep House For The Mind (CD, Comp) Shift Service Choice Productions

House Club Hottest 002 (CD, Mixed) Bad Girls Go To Hell (… Overdose

Isle Of MTV (2xCD) Bad Girls Go To Hell (… BMG

Modes Of Communication 2 -- Electronica (CD) Glow Worm Eukatech

Music For Every Soul -- A Tangent Beats Compilation (CD) What Is Love? Tangent Beats

Mutek 02 (CD, Comp) Bitmapping Mutek_Rec

Northern Lights (CD, Comp, Mixed) Moon Shower Slip ‘n’ Slide Blue

Pete Rivera Presents For Adults Only #2 (CD) Overnight Lounge Records

Poker Flat Volume Two (CD) Kiki De Montparnasse Poker Flat Recordings

Sampler. Delights Part 1 (12″) Francophonie Tangent Beats

Scream At Ibiza (CD, Mixed, Comp) Bad Girls Go To Hell (… Scream Records

Shaken, Not Stirred -- Bar 1 Compilation 3 (CD) Over Night Plastic City

Solid Session Vol.2 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Marmalade Skies Session Recordings (UK)

Solid Session Vol.2 (2xLP) Marmalade Skies Session Recordings (UK)

Splinter Five (2xCD) Norr / Vychod (Version… Paper Recordings

The Annual (3xCD, Mixed, Comp + Box, Ltd) Bad Girls Go To Hell (Ministry Of Sound (Germany)

This Is Techhouse (CD) Tranquilizer Tronic Soundz

Tonne: Soundtoy V.1 (CD, Enh) Bib Dod, Non Xox BiP_HOp

WOR.CD.01 (CD) Trinity, Solomonic Tri… Worship Recordings

X Marks The Spot Vol. 2 (CD) Walk Away (Remix) Tangent Beats, Route 33

Balance (12″) Balance (Hakan Lidbo R… Terraform Records

Digital Disco (CD, Comp) Love Was Made For Two,… Force Tracks

Made In Finland (CD, Album) Tankeros Love (Håkan … Odeon, Oy EMI Finland Ab

Scream At Ibiza (CD, Mixed, Comp) Bad Girls Go To Hell (… Scream Records

The Art Of Electronic Music (CD, Comp) Oke Fenoke Swamp Global Eyes

4 Decks & Faders (Volume Two) (12″) Technoid Tool E:Motion

Mahatmatronic EP (12″, EP) Mantis Recordings




Håkan Lidbo -- Tech Couture Album (Poker Flat Recordings) CD + 2x12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Bad Girls Go To Hell EP (Supernature/UK) 10”

Håkan Lidbo -- Bored With Love EP (Raygun Records /Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Click Enter To Exit EP (Force Tracks/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- From Stockholm With Love EP (Tangent Beats/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Glowworm EP (Intrinsic Design/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Mobos & Mogies EP (Chalant Music/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Moodorama EP (Audio Beyond/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Natural Soul EP (Fiji Recordings/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Noise Obscourities EP (Moody Recordings/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Overnight EP (Moon Harbour Recordings/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Sinful Sadie EP (SOCO Audio/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Kung-Fu Girl (Tba/Swe) CDs

Håkan Lidbo – Sinful Sadie Eddie Richard remix (SOCO Audio/USA) 12”

The Vanisher -- Temporary EP (Fragile Records /USA)

Håkan Lidbo -- Changes EP (Cartridge/Swe) 12”

Si-Begg -- Freestyle Disco (NovaMute/UK) 12”

Tba -- Guilty remix EP (Eloge House Music/Swe) 12”

Luomo – Tessio remix (Force Tracks/Ger) 12”

Q-burns and Lisa Shaw -- Shame remix (Astralwerks/USA) 12” + CDs

K-pist -- Under The Table remixes (North Of No South Records/Swe) CDs

Terry’s Café 4 (CD) Pickpocket (Hakan Libd… Plastic City

Tessio (Remixes) (12″) Tessio (Håkan Lidbo Mix) Force Tracks

Disco Kandi 3 (2xCD) Sugartown Hed Kandi Records

Hypercity (CD, Mixed, Comp) More Facts Force Tracks

Love Was Made For Two (Remixes) (12″) Force Tracks

Robodisco / Pickpocket (12″) Pickpocket (Håkan Lid… Paper Recordings

Stjärtlapp Presents Sweden -- Lesson One (12″) Something In My Mind Stjärtlapp

Aesthetic Theories (CD, Comp, Mixed) Bulldozer Funk Terraform Records

Catatonic EP (12″, EP) Premixed Frogman Records

Clicks & Cuts 2 (3xCD) Megalodon Mille Plateaux

Clicks & Cuts 2 (4xLP) Megalodon Mille Plateaux

Cool Beats (CD, Comp, Mixed) Deep In, From Stockhol… Sum Records -- Latin America

Disco Kandi 3 (2xCD) Sugartown Hed Kandi Records

Hypercity (CD, Mixed, Comp) More Facts Force Tracks

Indulge Five (CD, Dig) Kregah Bondulo Indulge Records

Lukasstein (CD) More Facts Force Tracks

Mainhatten Sound (CD, Comp, Mixed) Proton/Elektron Shadow Records

Private Lounge 2 (CD + CD) What Is Love Apricot Records

Reactive Music (CD, Promo, Smplr, Car) Moodrama Reactive Records

Sonnemondsterne (CD) Open Session H&G Records

Stjärtlapp Presents Sweden -- Lesson One (12″) Something In My Mind Stjärtlapp

Stjärtlapp Presents Sweden -- Lesson One (12″, W/Lbl, Promo) Something In My Mind Stjärtlapp

Straight To DAT (CD, Comp, Mixed) All I Want Blended Music

Test The Box (5xCD) Both Ends Burning Nova Records

The Flow (CD, Comp, Mixed) Kiki De Montparnasse Cocoon Recordings

X Marks The Spot Volume 1 (CD) From Stockholm With Love Tangent Beats, Route 33

Reactive Music (CD, Promo, Smplr, Car) Moodrama Reactive Records

Kung-Fu Girl (CD, Maxi, Min) JC (2), Repap




Bobby Trafalgar -- In Person Album (Repap/UK) CD+12”

Håkan Lidbo -- After The End Album (April Records/Den) CD

Håkan Lidbo ‘Natty Roots EP (Worship Recordings/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- All I Want EP (Paper Recordings/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Home Cookin EP (Loaded Records/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Kiki De Montparnasse EP (Poker Flat Recordings/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -Meta-Matic EP (Poker Flat Recordings/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -More Facts EP (Force Tracks/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -Natty Roots E.P. (Worship Recordings/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Painkillers EP (Loaded Records/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -Peoples Choice EP (Solarplexus/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Sound Oddities EP (Moody Recordings/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- The P EP (Special Needs Recordings/UK) 12″

Håkan Lidbo -- The Swe Funk EP (Refried Music/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Ay Que Rica EP (Yellhouse Records/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Walk Away EP (Loaded Records/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Walk Away EP (2020 Vision Remixes) EP (Loaded Records/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Wall To Wall EP (Horehaus/Swe) 12”

Belushi – Evolution EP (Loaded Records/UK) 12”

Eric S feat. ADL -- Alright Remix (Playground/Swe) CDs

Trocadero -- Do You Believe In Paradise Remix (Omnisounds/Fr) 12”

Trocadero -- Do You Believe In Paradise Remix (Omnisounds/Fr) 12”

Ginger -- Just Call On Me Remix (Moody Recordings /USA) 12”

Dynamic Shadows -- Lowriders , Listen To The Band (Mob Records/UK) 12”

Midfield General -- Reach Out Remix (Skint Records/UK) 12” + CDs

Daniel Achilles -We Like The Music Remix (Frunk/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Selected Mellow Music 1 (CD) Daquiri Freiraum

Håkan Lidbo – Televinken, Meta-Matic on Pokerflat Volume One (Poker Flat Recording/Ger) CD

7 #2 (CD) Walk Away (2020 Vision… DMC Publishing

Dynamic House: Edition Two (CD) Routine Job Clip Recordings

Fine House Music Vol. 1 (2xCD, Comp) Walk Away (Todd Edward… Loaded Records

Loaded Fine House Music (CD) Walk Away (2020 Vision… Jockey Slut

Pure Garage III (2xCD) Walk Away (Todd’s Walk… Warner Strategic Marketing (UK)

Superstition (2xCD, Comp) Looking Good In Blue Superstition

Techno Force 8 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Keep On Dancing Omnisonus

Test Three (2xCD) Both Ends Burning Nova Records

Test Three CD-One (CDr, Promo) Both Ends Burning Nova Records

Volume One (CD) Televinken, Meta-Matic Poker Flat Recordings

Fine House Music Vol. 1 Walk Away -- Todd Edward remix Loaded Records /UK)2xCD, Comp

Fine House Music Vol. 1 (2xCD, Comp) Walk Away (Todd Edward… Loaded Records




Bobby Trafalgar -- Home Shopping Album Sampler EP (Repap/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -- Before The Beginning -- Album (April Records/Den) CD

Håkan Lidbo Dig The New Breed – EP (Primary Recordings/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo Native Islander EP – (Fiji Recordings/USA) 12”

Håkan Lidbo New Standards EP (Loaded Records/UK) 12”

Håkan Lidbo Televinken EP (Poker Flat Recordings/Ger) 12”

Håkan Lidbo Worldly Pleasures EP ( Loaded Records/UK) 12”

Danube Rave Vol. 3 (CD, Mixed, Comp) Televinken Event Records

MASK 500 (12″, Ltd) Ashes To Ashes Skam

Tech House Phenomena 3 (CD) Televinken Eukahouse

Album Sampler (12″, Smplr) Daquiri, Hotel D’Amour… Repap




Håkan Lidbo -- Left Hand Driving EP (DanceBeat Records/Swe) 12”

Håkan Lidbo -New Phase -- EP Daddy Recordings) 12”

Da Book feat. Nina Natri -- A-Bomb From A Friend EP (Virgin/Swe) 12”

Stevie James - Rock My World Remix  (MNW/Swe) CDs



Stevie James - Hanging On A Line Remix  (MNW/Swe) CDs

Ricky Ricardo - Out There (MNW/Swe) Album

Yorgos - Hermana Tan Linda Remix (MNW/Swe) CDs


Yorgos - Voluez-vous Boom Boom? (MNW/Swe) CDs

Ricky Ricardo - Swingaling (MNW/Swe) CDs



Zodiac - I Believe (MNW/Swe) CDs

Juicy - Go! (MNW/Swe) CDs

Bushman - No1Else Remix (MNW/Swe) CDs

Juicy - I Feel Love (MNW/Swe) CDs



Alexis - Love Trip (CD, Maxi) Edel Records (Scandinavia)

Electrodelia - Diabetic CD

Look Twice - Move That Body (MNW/Swe) CDs

Look Twice - Mr Dance & Mr Groove (MNW/Swe) CDs

Look Twice - That's The Way (MNW/Swe) CDs

Look Twice - Twice As nice (MNW/Swe) Album



Electrodelia - Nelly's Atomimc Breakfast (Royton/Den) 12"

Look Twice - Shake That Rump (MNW/Swer) CDs

Look Twice - Good TImes (MNW/Swe) CDs


Solid State - The Acapulco Adventure (Swemix/Swe) Album

Solid State - State Of Mind (Swemix/Swe) 12"

Håkan Lidbo – Skak Soundtrack Patrik Book/Short film



Electrodelia – Diabetic (Production) (Electrodelia/Den)CDs 1991



Solid State - The Acapulco Adventure (Accelerating Blue Fish/Swe) Album

Solid State - So Good (Accelerating Blue Fish/Swe) 7"




137 Discoheaven (No Label) 7”

The Bush Band with the Kim Ung Family (KU/Swe) album


Synthetic Sounds (Accelrating Blue Fish/Swe) Album

Narcotics (33/457Swe) Casette



Live performances


2017 Club Laika Stockholm Sweden

2017 Fiesp Culture Center, Sao Paulo Brazil

2009 Sweden/Västerås with Svinmus(Uruppförandeklubben) October 10 2009


2009 Sweden/Stockholm (SEKT) October 2 2009

2009 Sweden/Malmö with Alex Van Heerden Trio (Malmö Museum) September 20 2009 (live)

2009 France/Perpignan (Tba) August 7 2009 (live)

2009 Sweden/Stockholm (Pride festivalen) July 31 2009 (DJ)

2009 UK/London (The Macbeth) July 23 2009 (live)

2009 Sweden/Arvika (Arvika festivalen) July 2 2009 (live)

2009 Sweden/Uppsala (Voltfestival) June 6 2009 (live)

2009 Sweden/Uppsala (Rotor/Volt pre-party) May 16 (live)

2009 Sweden/Stockholm with Svinmus(Uruppförandeklubben) April 22 (live)

2009 Sweden/Stockholm (Riche/Volt Pre-Party) Tba 2009 (live)

2009 Sweden/Stockholm (Breakfast Club) Feb 13 2009 (DJ)

2009 Sweden/Stockholm (Berghs School Of Communication/Swe) Feb 11, 2009 (lecture)

2009 Sweden/Stockholm (Arts Birhtday Party) January 16 2009 (live)


2008 Sweden/Stockholm (FLiM) December 17 2008 (live)

2008 Sweden/Umeå (Digital Tone) November 29 2008 (live)

2008 Sweden/Uppsala with Chambertronica (Uppsala konserthus) November 27 2008 (live)

2008 Sweden/Stockholm (80s) October 31 (DJ/live)

2008 Sweden/Stockholm (Euro Pride) August 1 2008 (DJ)

2008 Sweden/Norrköping with C3loops (NMM) ???? (live)

2008 Sweden/Norrköping with C3loops (NMM) ???? (lecture)

2008 Denmark/Copenhagen (Stengade 30) August 15 2008 (Live)

2008 Belgium/Neerpelt (Open air Boilerroom) May 10, 2008 (live)

2008 Sweden/Stockholm (Debaser Medis) April 17 2008 (live)

2008 Germany/Berlin(Club 103) March 29 2008 (live)

2008 Sweden/Stockholm (FLiM) March 26, 2008 (live)

2008 Denmark/Copenhagen (Klubklub) Feb 15, 2008 (live)

2008 Sweden/Stockholm (Artʼs Birthday at Berns) Jan 17, 2008 (live)


2007 Germany/Augsburg (Lab 30 festival) Oct 27, 2007 (live)

2007 England/London (Elephant) Sept 29 (Live)

2007 Denmark/Copenhagen (Public service) august 18, 2007 (live)

2007 Sweden/Stockholm (Pride) aug 3, 2007 (live)

2007 Sweden/Norberg (Norberg Festival ) July 27 (lilve)

2007 Germany/Berlin (Shitparade) july 6, 2007 (live)

2007 France/Paris (Le Tryptique) june 9, 2007 (live)

2007 Germany/Freiburg (Kemikaze) june 8, 2007 (live)


2006 Sweden/Stockholm (600160 at Kulturhuset), dec 6-10, 2006 (dance/performance)

2006 Sweden/Norrkoping (arbetets museum) dec 4, 2006 (live)

2006 Sweden/Norrkoping (NMM) dec 3, 2006 (live)

2006 Moscow/Russia (Gorod) aug 28, 2006 (live)

2006 Copenhagen/Denmark (Public service festival) aug 19, 2006 (live)

2006 Malmoe/Sweden(KB) aug 18, 2006 (DJ)

2006 Sweden/Stockholm (Pride) aug 3, 2006 (DJ)

2006 Montreal/Canada (Picnik Electronik), July 23, 2006 (live)

2006 New York/USA (Bushwick Art Project), July 22, 2006 (live)

2006 New York/USA (Avalon/Limelight), July 22, 2006 (live)

2006 Quebec City/Canada (Sonar), July 20, 2006 (live)

2006 Montreal/Canada (Parking), July 19, 2006 (live)

2006 Sweden Stockholm/Sweden (Club Neat) July 3, 2006 (DJ)

2006 Moscow/Russia (Bar 1) June 17, 2006 (DJ)

2006 Sweden Hultsfred (Hultsfred festival) June 16, 2006 (live)

2006 Sweden Stockholm/ (Svaj), ???, 2006 (DJ)

2006 Sweden/Uppsala (Dynamic) ???, 2006 (live)


2005 Italy /Rome (Brancaleone) October 1 2005 (live)

2005 Sweden/Arvika (Arvikafestivalen) July 15 2005 (live)

2005 Copenhagen/Denmark (Tender club night) July 9 (live)

2005 Greece/Athens (Synch festival) July 1 2005 (live)

2005 Sweden/Stockholm (Mondo) May 28 2005 (DJ)

2005 Sweden/Stockholm (Temperamento) May 11 2005 (DJ)

2005 Spain/Girona (Blau) April 15 2005 (live)

2005 Sweden/Stockholm (Kilotin) April 1 2005 (live)

2005 Australia/Melbourne (Honkeytonks), feb 30 2005 (live)

2005 Australia/Byron Bay (Nomads MC Club), feb 17 2005 (live)

2005 Japan/Tokyo (Club Yellow), jan 29 2005 (live)

2005 J2005 apan/Okoyama (Tba), jan 28 2005 (live)

2005 Japan/Kyoto (Club World), jan 22 2005 (live)

2005 Sweden, Stockholm (Konstfack) jan 16 (live)


2004 Germany/Berlin (Maria am Ostbahnhof) Dec 11, 2004 (live)

2004 Sweden/Stockholm (Fylkingen) dec 8 electroacoustic premiere performance

2004 Scotland/Glasgow (Sub club) Dec 3, 2004 (live)

2004 Sweden/Vasteras (Pluto) Nov 27 (DJ)

2004 Spain/Gran Canaria (tba) Oct 23, 2004 (live)

2004 Sweden/Stockholm (Electric city) July 30 (Dj)

2004 Holland/Nijmegen (The Valkhof affair festival) July 17, 2004 (live)

2004 Holland/Amsterdam (Melkweg/5 days off) July 15, 2004 (live)

2004 Sweden/Stockholm (Kilotin) June 15, 2004 (Dj)

2004 Sweden/Malmo (KB) May 26 (live)

2004 Holland/Groningen (Simplon) May 15, 2004 (live)

2004 Holland/Enschede (Atak) May 13, 2004 (live)

2004 Turkey/Istanbul (Babylon) April 10 (live)

2004 Sweden/Tekniska Museet (Industrial cool) March 27 (live)

2004 Japan/Tokyo (Heartland) Feb 16 Live)

2004 Japan/Tokyo (I want to be your cat) Feb 14 (Live)

2004 Japan/Tokyo (Third-ear/Secobar) Feb 13 (Dj)

2004 Germany/Berlin (Tranzmediale festival) Feb 6, 2004 (live)


2003 Sweden/Stockholm (smallfunk) Nov 24, 2003 (DJ)

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (EL) Nov 4, 2003 (DJ)

2003 Denmark, Copenhagen (Rust) Jan 25, 2003 (live)

2003 Canada/Montreal (S.A.T) Feb 1, 2003 (live)

2003 Czech republic, Prague (Robodisco) Feb 7, 2003

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (Svaj) Feb 13, 2003 (Dj)

2003 UK/Brighton (Stompaphunk) Feb 14, 2003 (live)

2003 Germany/Cologne (TBA) Feb 26, 2003 (live)

2003 Germany/Karlsruhe (ZMK) Feb 27, 2003 (live)

2003 Germany/Berlin (Zentral) Feb 28, 2003 (live)

2003 France/Paris (Batofar) March 7, 2003 (live)

2003 Belgium/Charleroi (Tba) March 8, 2003 (live)

2003 USA/Miami (The Xylophone Jones party) March 20, 2003 (Dj)

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (Tripolis) April 4, 2003 (Dj)

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (Svaj) April 8, 2003 (Dj)

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (Mondo) April 30, 2003 (Dj)

2003 Sweden/Helsingborg (Tip-top) May 3, 2003 (live)

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (Club Love) May 6, 2003 (Dj)

2003 Germany/Leipzig (Club distillery) May 10, 2003 (live)

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (Stockholm electronica) May 29, 2003 (Dj)

2003 Germany/Frankfurt (U60) May 31, 2003 (live)

2003 Germany/Bad Klosterlausnitz (Muna) June 7, 2003 (live)

2003 Sweden/Norberg (Norberg festival) July Tba, 2003 (live)

2003 Sweden/Norberg (Norberg festival) July Tba, 2003 (Live-set with Alex van Heerden)

2003 Belgium/Ghent (10 days in Belgium) July 27, 2003 (live)

2003 Germany/Tba (Nature one) Aug 2, 2003 (live)

2003 Sweden/Göteborg (Eloge) Aug 7, 2003 (live)

2003 Denmark/Copenhagen (Rust) Aug 8, 2003 (live)

2003 Schweiz/Zurich (Aera) Sep 13 (live)

2003 Finland/Jyväskylä (phonehour) Oct 3 (live)

2003 Finland/Helsinki (404) Oct 4 (live)

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (Svaj) Okt 15(Dj)

2003 Holland/Haag (Paard) Oct 17 (live)

2003 Autralia/Perth Minmal X-posure) Oct24 (live)

2003 Australia/Byron Bay (C-moog) Oct 30 (live)

2003 Australia/Melbourne (Honkytonk) Oct 31(Live-set)

2003 New Zeealand/Auckland (Wyndham street bowling club) Nov 5 (live)

2003 New Zeealand/Auckland (Wyndham street bowling club) Nov 7 (live)

2003 Turkey/Istanbul (tba) Nov 22 (live)

2003 Czech republic/Prague (Abaton) Nov 28 (live)

2003 Sweden/Umea (Digital tone festival) Nov 29 (live)

2003 Germany/Berlin (Maria am ostbahnhof) Dec 6 (live)

2003 Sweden/Stockholm (Moderna dansteatern) Dec 12-13 (Live+choreography)

2003 Spain/Barcelona (Edge Club/Otto Zuts) Dec 18 (live)

2003 Spain/Vilajuiga (Rachdingue) Dec 20 (live)


2002 UK/London (The End) Jan 19, 2002

2002 Holland/Nijmegen (Doornroosje Club) March 2 , 2002

2002 UK/London (Bar Rhumba) April 24, 2002

2002 Italy/Rome (Brancaleone) May 4, 2002

2002 Canada/Montreal (Metropolis/Mutek festival) May 31, 2002

2002 USA/Los Angeles (Carousel) June 8, 2002

2002 Sweden/Stockholm (Svaj) July 1, 2002

2002 Sweden/Norberg (The Norberg festival) July 27, 2002

2002 Germany/Cologne (E-Werk) Aug 16, 2002

2002 Sweden/Stockholm (Temperamento) Aug 25, 2002

2002 Sweden/Stockholm - The ballet ”Circles in hypercube”

2002 (Moderna dansteatern) Sept 13, 15, 16, 2002

2002 Germany/Berlin (Ostgut) Sept 21, 2002

2002 Germany, Hamburg (Gum Club) Nov 15, 2002

2002 Turkey, Istanbul (Wasp Club) Nov 16, 2002

2002 Sweden, Stockholm (EL) Nov 21, 2002


2001 Czech republic/Prague (Mecca) March 2, 2001

2001 Slovakia/Bratislava (Elam) March 3, 2001

2001 UK/London (Turnmill) March 18, 2001

2001 USA/Maimi (Vybe) March 24, 2001

2001 USA/Maimi (Straylight) March 25, 2001

2001 USA/Maimi (Voice of the underground) March 25, 2001

2001 USA/Boston (Phoenix Landing) March 28 , 2001

2001 USA/New York (Halcyon) March 31, 2001

2001 USA/Philadelphia (Worship) April 6, 2001

2001 USA/Atlanta (Southern Comfort) April 7, 2001

2001 UK/Leeds (Back to basics) April 28, 2001

2001 Germany/Dortmund (Trinidad) May 19, 2001

2001 Germany/Cologne (Funky Chicken) May 22, 2001

2001 Germany/Frankfurt (Monza) June 8, 2001

2001 Holland/Amsterdam (Paradiso) June 16, 2001

2001 Germany/Berlin (Ostgut) June 30, 2001

2001 Norway/Kristiansand (Quartz festival) July 4, 2001

2001 Spain/Costa Brava (Rachdingue) Aug 10, 2001

2001 Germany (Sonne, Mond, Sterne-festival) Aug 11, 2001

2001 Argentina/Buenos Aires (Superclub) Aug 17, 2001

2001 Argentina/Buenos Aires (Wave) Aug 19, 2001

Argentina/Buenos Aires (K2) Aug 20, 2001

2001 Sweden/Stockholm (Sturecompaniet) Sept 6, 2001

2001 UK/Brighton (Stompaphunk) Sept 21, 2001

2001 UK/London (Cargo) Sept 22, 2001

2001 Sweden/Stockholm (Mutation2001) Sept 29, 2001

2001 Russia/Moscow (Propaganda) Oct 4, 2001

2001 UK/London (Fabric) Oct 6, 2001

2001 Sweden/Stockholm (Sturecompaniet) Nov 8, 2001

2001 UK/London (Kooch) Nov 16, 2001


2001 Roskilde/Denmark (Roskilde festival) June

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