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After a weekend of workshops and brainstorming, this presentation was given at Ars Electronica Future Innovator Summit 2016.

Since its inception at the Ars Electronica Festival in 2014, The Future Innovators Summit (FIS) has grown and developed into a reputable frame and a new model for creative discussions about the future. This year is the culmination of 3 year’s experience and collaborative partnerships which has led to an expanded format and a significant increase of applicants for the open call. As a result, the selected participants and mentors are of a very high standard and diversity. All of whom are listed alongside the complete program on the FIS2016 website ( For those wanting a deeper insight into the background and vision behind FIS, the following text is an edited transcript from a recent interview/discussion between FIS Lead Research Kristefan Minski and Project Lead Hideaki Ogawa.

Members of the team ”Future humanity”

Hakan Lidbo (se)

Shiho Fukuhara (jp)

Haytham Nawar (eg)

Ghalia Elsrakbi (sy)

Trevor Haldenby (ca) 

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