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Makanatsu is a game for 3-15 players that re-invents how innovations are invented and a  unique training tool for creativity.


From 108 cards with carefully selected word, draw 4 cards and then within 3 minutes create a pitch for an innovation, a new disruptive business or something that benefits mankind. The short amount of time and the unique blend of words sets your brain in a state of “superconductivity” with no time for “ifs” and “buts”. When ending a game of Makanatsu the players will have exercised brains, free and ready to think new bold thoughts.

In the societies and the structures we've built, our creative brains are methodically deprived from the natural imagination and playfulness we see in our children. Through school, university and then our workplaces, we are taught how to sit still and listen, to know our place in the system - and to hold back our imagination. These structures are not easy to as we live in them, but playing Makanatsu put you in contact with your natural creativity and idea making skills. This is a game that release your sleeping super power; your imagination.

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