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August 10, 2010, the Stockholm Culture Festival and the opening of the new library at the ground floor of the Culture House had its grand opening. The loud and sometimes disturbing sounds from Stockholm joined forces, and together with a chamber music orchestra played The Sergel Symphony. Written and conducted by Håkan Lidbo. The symphony is a celebration to the city and it's tempo, plurality and noise.


The Sergel Symphony is a performance including:


1 violin (George Kentros)

1 cello (Beata Söderberg)

1 horn (Ayman Al Fakir)

1 saxophone (Leif Karlborg)

1 computer (Håkan Lidbo)

120 choir singers (lead by Lasse Axelsson)

1 pneumatic rock drills (provided by Skanska, performed by Frida Kupsu

1 police car with police men 

hundreds of football supporters

2 recycling bin played by 2 drummers (Liliana Zavala and Kristina Aspeqvist)

5 motorcycles (She Devils MC)

1 political spokesman (CK)

3 vuvuzela players

15 longboard skaters (Suburban Surfers)

6 Parkour performers (Le Parkour Academy)

1 gypsy orchestra (Ekipaget)

unknown number of dancers (choreography by Lisette Drangert and Hanna Åhs)

100 doves (Li Shu Lin and the Stockholm Race Pigeon Club)

the bells of the S:ta Clara Church (rung by Kent Svensson)

a great number of car horns (anyone who happens to pass by)

40 footballs.

Music, arrangment and management by Hakan Lidbo.


Filmed by Tomas Joansson, Diana Å/Shedevils, Tony Ahola, Peter Karlsson, Johan Sonestedt, Joel Dittrich, Emil Ovemar and many others.

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