TrigZone is a creative musical tool for Android phones and tablets.

The first step is to make a setup of sounds or instruments. These can be picked from the TrigZone library, from the iTunes library or recorded directly into the device. Each sound can assigned to one of 20 positions in the grid. Simply drag the sound to the desired position. Place the phone or tablet at a stable place where the camera covers a view that now will be your ”playground”. Or your controller surface. Use the grid to position the camera view the way you like it. 


When TrigZone detects movement within any of the 20 zones, the sound assigned to that zone will play. If the camera view covers a room, your movements in that room will make the sounds play. You will make music with the movements of your body. If the camera view is your aquarium the fish will create the music. You can record your session with audio and video up to 1 minute, save it to the camera roll, email or share it on facebook. Now it’s up to you to invent totally new ways to create music. Your imagination is the only limit. TrigZone was never publicly released. 

Programmed by students at Malardalens Hogskola.

Concept and sound design by Håkan Lidbo.