iCare is an app concept that aims to reduce the distance between anyone who would like to help people in developing  countries - and the people in need in developing countries. 


There is a geographical distance and a human distance, partly created by the uncertainty was money donated to traditional aid organisations really go. Many rarely send contributions to them aid organisations that exist, except when something extraordinary happens, such as tsunami, droughts and the earthquakes. Then the suffering is real and our own privileged place in the world becomes apparent. What if you could get an immediate confirmation of where the money goes, even see them individuals who get pleasure from one's gift and see exactly what the money is used for. If you could have their own aid projects, a specific hospital, an orphanage, a farm, a school, as it finances when you have time and advice. A bit like your own child sponsorship. All this can be solved with today's nifty smartphone on each individual aid projects have their own app. But an app actually costs money to produce and how could a school in Africa do this? iCare is an app template for humanitarian workers who are in place, that creates an app that is sold in the App Store, that allows anyone to finance various small projects within an aid project. A hospital in need of medical equipment lists exactly what they need and what it costs. You choose how much you want to donate and see how your contribution helps the hospital is approaching the target in order to obtain the required equipment. To donate money suddenly becomes very real. You can read about aid project, you can see who is working on it, there are images, you can read about why they need just a thing to be able to run the project and you will therefore understand what is happening and what your money is used for. An immediate reward or confirmation that makes it rewarding to donate money.

Programmed by students at Malardalens Hogskola.

Concept and sound design by Håkan Lidbo.